Bilocation 1: Sound Montage (Stereo)

Released: May 2004

Bilocation: Lilongwe Night binaural digital download . £7 mp3 digital download/£7 wav digital download. Recorded after dark in the garden of a quiet suburb in Lilongwe, Malawi. Be transported to a sultry tropical African night




A fascinating sonic journey in 3-D sound!

This album is a single continuous track blending together a wide and varied range of binaural audio recordings of nature, local musical sounds and singing from various cultures around the world, blended in with urban environments and specially composed music. Take this sonic journey to faraway lands – bump along in a steam train, gallop through a forest, jump on a carnival ride, chill out in a circle of didgeridoos at Glastonbury Festival and many more! A stunning audio journey that must be experienced…this is unlike anything you’ve ever encountered.

This single track album features binaural recordings, made with a pair of microphones on either side of a ‘dummy’ head to mimic the spacing between the human ears. When played back through headphones (or many car stereos systems!) listeners experience 3-D sound that appears to come from all around. The album will play as normal stereo on all other sound systems.

Released 2004

Running Time: 40 minutes

£7 mp3 digital download/£7 wav digital download


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