African Wild Creature Concert

Released: May 1996

African Wild Creature Concert (Digital Download) Lions, baboons and hippos, oh my! £7 mp3 digital download/£7 wav digital download




Welcome to the Okavango Delta, and the amazing sounds made by the wild creatures that live there! They communicate throughout the day and night with a spectacular range of calls, cries, rumbles, whistles and songs.

This album is a tribute to them, in the form of a day in their varied lives. It begins just after midnight with the haunting cry of the Scops owl…and ends 24 hours later with the rasping cough of a leopard on the prowl.

The Wild Creature Concert is presented without commentary to allow you in your imagination to believe that you are really there. Take your time to enjoy your day’s journey from midnight to midnight as you travel the animals across the largest and richest wetland in Africa.

Sound recordist Jeremy West spent over 3 months living in a tent in the Okavango Delta, recording the many creatures around him such as lions, hippos, hyenas, etc. Dozens of creatures were recorded, and then later identified by experts. The more prominent sounds are noted on the track listing, but, as you will hear, there are many, many others in the background. Recorded by Jeremy West, mixed by Steve Marshall.

Running Time: 56 minutes


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01. Scops owl (+ fruit bats, rana frogs, red-billed francolins)
02. Lion (+ crickets)
03. Lion (+ pair of swamp boubou shrikes)
04. South African nightjar (+ woodland kingfisher)
05. Coppery-tailed coucal (+ South African nightjar, black collared barbet)
06. Hippopotamus (+ black collared barbet)
07. Red-billed francolines
08. Heughlin’s robin (+ ground hornbills)
09. Swamp boubou shrike (pair)
10. Baboon (solo)
11. Around dawn: Cape turtle dove, little egret
12. Hippopotamus (solo), squacco herons (+ ground hornbills)
13. South African nightjar (+ Scops owl)
14. Wildebeest (+ blacksmith plovers, double-banded sandgrouse)
15. Palm weevil (airborne), Heughlin’s robin
16. Baboons
17. Black-headed orioles
18. Blacksmith plovers (+ fish eagle)
19. Fish eagle (+ blacksmith plovers)
20. Elephant (+ grey lourie)
21. Bleating warbler
22. Impala alarms (+ ground hornbills, Cape turtle dove)
23. Mid-day: Baboon family conflagration (+ Cape turtle doves)
24. Burchell’s starlings
25. Woodland kingfisher (+ high frequency insect noises, baboon)
26. Bearded woodpecker (+ Heughlin’s robin)
27. Woodland kingfisher (+ high frequency insect noises)
28. Elephants approaching water, drinking and leaving
29. Hippopotamus (+ coppery-tailed coucal, turtle doves)
30. Hippopotamus family calling each other
31. After sunset and up to midnight: Black-headed orioles (+ Cape turtle dove)
32. Palm weevil (airborne)
33. Wildebeest spooked in water
34. Side-striped jackal (+ high frequency insect noises, toads)
35. Brown hyena (+ reed frogs, toads)
36. Lion
37. Juvenile Pel’s fishing owl (+ mole crickets)
38. Leopard (+ high frequency insect noises)
39. Leopard (+ painted reed frogs, Scops owl, baboon)