Raspberry Parade

time is honey raspberry parade cover art

Pioneering 1960s psychedelic band Raspberry Parade is reputed to have heavily influenced Pink Floyd and others. The band was on the verge of success when it suddenly split at the end of 1966, after a band member was found dead in mysterious circumstances. Raspberry Parade’s extraordinary debut album Time Is Honey, available below, was consequently never released – until now!

My involvement began in 2007 when, as a sound engineer, I appealed to collectors around the world for copies of all existing Raspberry Parade recordings. My initial aim was to restore and remaster only the unreleased album Time is Honey; however, as I delved deeper it became apparent that the true story of the band needed to be told.

I decided to take on the additional task of writing about their bizarre, and at times barely believable, escapades. I embarked on a series of interviews with surviving band members and associates, and my upcoming book Spacing Out: The Strange Tale of Raspberry Parade is based on their first-hand accounts.


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