Bilocation is to be in two places simultaneously; with these vividly 3-D recordings, you can be! Relax in the comfort of your home while being sonically transported to the African bush, an idyllic beach in India, or a fairground ride in Britain…

I have spent the last 30 years binaurally recording interesting places and sounds around the world, augmenting some with specially composed music. Binaural recording enables me to capture the ambience of a place in 360 degree 3-D surround sound, immersing the listener in sound that comes from all around, including above and below.

These recordings will play in regular stereo systems, but to get the full 3-D effect binaural recordings are best experienced through headphones. I have also developed a technique to enable the full immersion effect through 5.1 or above home theatre system speakers, and this is available
on the recordings labelled 5.1+.

Current products are listed below, however I am also available to construct bespoke 3-D sound environments/installations in a variety of formats. For enquiries please contact me directly.